Hi, my name is Soha Panah and I’m the founder of Dryp By Soha and the creator of the DRYP method. I have always been passionate about fitness and am committed to continuing to move my body every day.

Are you ready to sweat with me?

Hi, I’m Soha Panah,  the founder of Dryp By Soha.  My passion for fitness and commitment to movement led me to create the Dryp Method. The Dryp Method, uses mindful sequences, music, and total body exercises for transformative results.

Are you ready to sweat with me?

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At Dryp By Soha, physical intensity and emotional energy build with the beat. This creates transformative results: toned, lean muscles; a calm, focused mind; a community bonded in being. We offer 15-60 electrifying minutes where exercise, mindfulness, music and strength align. Dryp Method is a performance-based workout for your whole self, mind and body.

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Whether you want to drop in to a live class or workout on demand, our classes are designed to fit your lifestyle.

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