Connect to your
inner flow

Understanding the foundation of movement allows for a safe, supportive, and transformative experience


Clearing the mind and connecting to your breath will help relieve anxiety, stress and improve your overall health


Deepen your practice, gain strength and stamina through mindful sequencing and inspiring music


The connection between mind and body elevates our vibrational state for optimal health, happiness and results

Hi, I’m Soha Panah,  the founder of Dryp By Soha.  My passion for fitness and commitment to movement led me to create the Dryp Method. The Dryp Method, uses mindful sequences, music, and total body exercises for transformative results.

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Whether you want to drop in to a live class or workout on demand, our classes are designed to fit your lifestyle.

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The Dryp Method not only focuses on how your body can change physically, but how your mindset can shift with 1:1 coaching, breathwork, and sound baths. Whether you are starting this journey alone or with people you love, I am here to take the first step with you. Let’s see what life can look like with the Dryp Method.

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Dryp By Soha’s yoga collection offers a wide range of equipment that you may need in your transformation.