What is a Dryp Challenge?

Push Your Body

Dryp Challenges will push your body to the limit each day. You will feel the Dryp!

Empower Your Mind

Dryp Challenges don't just focus on your body, they focus on your mental well being. Dryp strives to work with you hollistically.

Feel Your Soul

Dryp wants you to feel the calming inner voice everyone has. Feel your soul calling out to you through breathwork, sound bathing healing or guided meditation.

Dryp Challenges are a true balance of body and mind. You are ready, you’ve got this.

Need a 1 to 1 session?

The Dryp Method not only focuses on how your body can change physically, but how your mindset can shift with 1:1 coaching, breathwork, and sound baths. Whether you are starting this journey alone or with people you love, I am here to take the first step with you. Let’s see what life can look like with the Dryp Method.

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Dryp By Soha’s yoga collection offers a wide range of equipment that you may need in your transformation. From Booty bands to general merch, feel good in Dryp.