Class Styles

Yoga lean

Lean is grounded in the foundation of yoga but offers dynamic elements of cardio and light weight training to tone legs, booty, core, and arms. This class focuses on smaller muscle groups vs the larger muscle groups focused on in our shred class. Use of bands, balls, gliders and a barre/chair are all optional.

Yoga shred

Shred is grounded in the foundation of yoga, but offers more cardio, more flow, and compound exercises. You will link breath to movement to shred, define, and increase your stamina. Use of weights, bands and blocks are all optional.

Yoga flow

Flow offers an upbeat and inspiring vinyasa-style class which links breath to movement. Each class offers 10 minutes of body toning exercises – focusing on specific areas of the body, allowing you to get a well-rounded workout experience. No equipment necessary.

Still & flow

Still & Flow- Still & Flow stays true to the Dryp Method by allowing 30 minutes of active flow followed by 20 minutes of chill. No Equipment.

Quick Dryp

Offers 15-30 minute classes for those days you just need to get in and out. Less yoga and more concentrated exercises focusing on core, arms, legs, booty and more! Though quick, you will certainly feel the burn! Use of weights, bands, balls, chairs,and blocks are all optional.