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There are many journeys we take in our life but no journey is more important than the one to a fulfilled self. What does a fulfilled self look like? It is a true balance of body and mind. This is where I come in. The Dryp Method not only focuses on how your body can change physically, but how your mindset can shift with 1:1 coaching, breathwork, and soundbaths. Whether you are starting this journey alone or with people you love, I am here to take the first step with you. Let’s see what life can look like with the Dryp Method.

Yoga + Fitness

Dryp OnDemand3

Dryp Live

Unlimited access to live classes, 30 monthly
Unlimited access to 250+ on-demand classes
3+ New classes dropped every Monday
7 Day free trial
Dryp OnDemand2

On Demand

Unlimited access to 250+ on-demand classes
3+ New classes dropped every Monday
7 Day free trial

4 Week E-Book to Leaner & Cleaner

Your weekly movement schedule, shopping lists, journal prompts and even an elimination workshop— all you have to do is show up!



Plan your next team event around wellness + fitness. In person or virtually. Offering yoga, fitness, meditation, breathwork, sound bowl therapy, and holistic health coaching.



1:1 Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Need extra support around your weight loss goals, stress, anxiety, sleep and just overall wellbeing? I got you.


Breathwork Therapy

Improve mental, physical and spiritual well being in just 1 session as we work through your emotional/physical blocks.


Sound Bath Healing

Create a state of harmony and total body relaxation through gentle movement followed by a sound bath from chakra aligning crystals. Great for groups, events and individuals.



Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Private ang group classes available to get you strong pre & post baby.


Wedding Prep Training

Confidence comes from within. Let’s get you feeling & looking great.

Transformation Stories

Your classes are the best workout! I've done a lot of big brand name classes. While all have their merits, day in and day out, you provide a TOTAL, FULL BODY WORKOUT. That changes your body, spirit and mind"
Susannah L

Lets discuss your goals.